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Maple Bids LLC

Maple Bids LLC is the only Texas-based inclusive auction hosting platform that has an NAA certified Master Personal Property Appraiser, GIA-trained Jewelry Specialist, and Real Estate professional on staff. This depth of knowledge and experience differentiates us from the competition and enables us to offer our customers more tools, training, and the specialized knowledge required to achieve unlimited success which is recession-resistant and creates generational wealth. In other words - it is ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS!

We have been involved in the auction business since 1994, and our years of hard work and hands on experience has allowed us to develop event-driven solutions for a variety of situations including asset sales, bankruptcy, museum deaccession, guardianship trusts, insurance claims, model home furniture clearance, estate and probate, and more. Maple Bids LLC offers a variety of services, such as auction hosting, auction processing training, regional and national targeted advertising and promotion, and more. Our innovative auction hosting platform simplifies the auction process for Liquidators, Estate sale coordinators, Auctioneers & Home Resellers ("LEAH") and offers expansive features such as free registration, future auction creation, photo upload, watch lists, and educational training.

NEW LEGISLATIVE RULES ADOPTED IN TEXAS (eff. Sept 2022) - You no longer have to be an Auctioneer or even have your own business! You can sell your own or consigned items. If you are an established business - great! If you have ever wanted to break into the business - here is your opportunity! **Other requirements still apply.

At Maple Bids, we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of service for our independent LEAH business owners. We are committed to providing our independent business owners with the highest level of support and insight to make them successful in their LEAH auction / liquidation business and create true sustainable income and generational wealth. Every new venture requires work and diligent dedication, but with our proven program we can help you achieve economic stability. Check out our CREDENTIALS tab at the top of this page to see for yourself how serious we are about offering value!

If you would like FREE complimentary information about how Maple Bids LLC superior auction hosting platform can help your business thrive, contact us today. You can reach us at (775) 287-9025 or by using the contact form on our website. Maple Bids believes that with our platform and support, every auction business has the tools to unlock its true potential, achieve unlimited success. Let us help you spread your wings and fly. For even more information on creating your own Liquidator, Estate Sale Company, Auctioneer or Home Reseller ("LEAH") hosting auctions selling your own or consigned goods on this site, contact us today!

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