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Maple Bids LLC is a turnkey auction hosting software platform for independent Liquidators, Estate sale companies, Auctioneers, and Home resellers ("LEAH") that lease space on the site. Maple Bids LLC is a provider of the platform and does not own or manage ongoing daily operations for any of the independent businesses. Each company is an independent business and inquiries regarding business transactions including general questions, pickup dates, terms, complaints, disputes, item condition requests, and payment conditions must be addressed and remedied with that individual company directly. Maple Bids LLC is a business-to-business entity and has no direct contact with individual clients or bidders. 

3rd Party: Maple Bids LLC does not have control over the content posted by independent businesses who lease space on the site. Bidders are responsible to make quality and condition decisions and contact independent businesses if questions arise.

Requests for liquidation, estate sale/resale, and auction services are referred to all independent businesses simultaneously and responses to requests are not coordinated or assigned by Maple Bids LLC and may result in multiple responses. Not all independent businesses accept referrals. There may be an indirect fee for this service paid by independent businesses per contract. There is no direct fee to requesting parties for referrals.

Affiliate relationships may exist. Maple Bids LLC has an exclusive affiliate relationship with Maple Leaf Appraisals LLC to provide various services to independent businesses and there may be associated links displayed or advertised. Maple Leaf Appraisals LLC is an independent company that contracts with the independent businesses on the site and Maple Bids LLC may earn a commission on that affiliation. There may be other affiliations on an interim or long-term basis and these may change without notice.

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