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~ CEO, Maple Leaf Appraisals (A division of KTY Holdings)

Maple Leaf Appraisals

~ Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Compliant

~ National Auctioneer Association Certified General Personal Property Appraiser (NAA GPPA)

~ National Auctioneer Association Certified Master Personal Property Appraiser (NAA MPPA)

~ NEW! National Appraiser Association Designated Member (MNAA)

~Certified Personal Property Appraiser (CAGA)

~GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional

~ American Gem Society trained (AGS)

~ Certified Pearl Specialist (CPAA)

~ GIA Colored Stone Identification

~ GIA Colored Stone grading

~ GIA Diamond Identification

~ GIA Diamond Grading

~ GIA Jewelry Retail Specialist

~ GIA Pearl Identification

~ Antique Collectibles National Association member (ACNA)

~ American Gem Trade Association member (AGTA)

~ Professional seasoned witness testimony available

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